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[16 Dec 2005|09:35pm]


anyone ACTIVE in this community join truly_dazzling, which is the other community I mod :)
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mod//if you guys get bored... [30 Nov 2005|06:44am]

try this...

how many bands can you find in this picture?Collapse )
I'm gonna screen comments and when the band is guessed I'll put it in here :)

BANDSCollapse )

new mod//just saying hi [16 Nov 2005|06:29am]

Hi everyone!
I'm your new mod, Amber.
Now I know we're all going to miss Roslie cause she was awesome :D,
But let's try to get this community really booming :D

First of all, I want you guys to vote on a few things
A few changes we may or may not make for the community.
I'm going to screen comments so no one can see what you say, but if you bring up a good point I will edit this and let everyone see what you had to say.

follow the cutCollapse )

Like I said, any input from you guys would really be fantastic!
Comments are screened, but if you make a good point I will unscreen it.
And if anyone would be interested, I think I might need a co-mod or 2. Let me know :)

♥ Amber
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[17 Oct 2005|11:03pm]

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