|A|M|B|E|R| (xdrunkwithlust_) wrote in startstopdance,

new mod//just saying hi

Hi everyone!
I'm your new mod, Amber.
Now I know we're all going to miss Roslie cause she was awesome :D,
But let's try to get this community really booming :D

First of all, I want you guys to vote on a few things
A few changes we may or may not make for the community.
I'm going to screen comments so no one can see what you say, but if you bring up a good point I will edit this and let everyone see what you had to say.

O1 First off, do we want this community to be a "nice" community, where you sugar-coat everything when saying no, or do we want this to be an "elite" community, where you can say whatever you want, and be a bitch no matter what?

02New layout...yes? no? if yes, some ideas/if you would be willing to make something for it (ex. if we need a header, or an announcement bar, etc.)

03 Themes, contests, superlatives...stuff like that. I'm not the most creative person in the world, and I could ALWAYS use ideas! Any input from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

04 Promotion Contest. Yes? No? Would you guys be willing to participate if I started one offering prizes? For instance if you get x amount of people to join, you get a certain prize..maybe a glitter name or an icon... The winner would get a 2 month paid account, paid by me. Good idea or not so good idea?

05Auto Accepts. Should we auto accept a few more people? if yes, how many?

06 Points system. Should we have one? If yes, give some input on how many points you should get for certain things. And would anyone be willing to be the Points Mod?

07 Application. I think I want to change a few tiny things. Ideas?

Like I said, any input from you guys would really be fantastic!
Comments are screened, but if you make a good point I will unscreen it.
And if anyone would be interested, I think I might need a co-mod or 2. Let me know :)

♥ Amber
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